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Steel Tanks
omni pulp, paper & food client list
Pulp & Paper
Marcal Paper Elmwood Park, NJ
-New Paper manufacturing Facility
Garden State Paper Elmwood Park, NJ
-Plant Maintenance Projects
Food & Beverage
Anheuser-Busch Newark, NJ
-Heat Recovery Projects
Anheuser-Busch Williamsburg, VA
-New Fermentation Facility
Cutrale Newark, NJ
-Tanker Unloading Project
Building Automation
Merck & Co., Inc. Rahway, NJ
-Buildings 800
-Building 818
-Building 820
-Campus Upgrade Projects
Schering Corporation Summit, NJ
-SEF 2 Lab Project
-Campus Upgrade Projects
Schering Corporation Kenilworth, NJ
-K-10 Expansion Project
Imclone Branchburg, NJ
-BB50 Production Facility
Novartis East Hanover, NJ
-New Lab & Office Complex
Homeywell, Johnson Controls, Tour Andover Controls
-Johnson Controls
-Tour Andover Controls
Omni has nearly 25 years experience providing clients with a wide range of instrumentation and controls services. We are highly skilled in building management systems, wiring, pneumatic tubing, and panel fabrication, and work closely with owners and vendors with calibration, loop check, and commissioning. We are expert in design, installation, certification, and repair of a broad scope of process system networks. Our custom panel shop has built and tested every type of control panel, from process, to BMS, to specialty that will fit any need or function.