Omni Panel Shop
Omni Panel Shop
Omni Instrumentation has a fully integrated panel shop where we design, fabricate and test control panels and skidded equipment of every size and function for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and many other specialty industries.
UL Panel Shop
Panel Shop Photos
LEFT: In the photos above, Omni has fabricated a breathing-air skid for one of our pharmaceutical clients. The design of this breathing-air skid is enhanced by the placement of all of the control panels to one side of the skid.

RIGHT: The photo on the right shows full access to all valves, gauges and BA cylinders that will mount on the rear rack. In the floor of the unit are two steel-reinforced openings to accommodate a fork lift to easily rig the skid into place.
LEFT: Pictured here is a custom nitrogen manifold panel with solenoids requested by a client for a specific part of their process. The junction box in the upper left will house a terminal block to terminate all solenoids.

RIGHT: In this photo Omni is preparing one of several custom process control panels for a new project. The next step is completing the panels, pre testing and prepare for the clients FAT. The step by step progress of panel fabrication was photographed and e-mailed to the client on a daily basis. Our panel shop has the highest quality standards in our Industry.